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Baby Stroller Selection Guide

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It is easy and safe to have a stroller when you go out for a walk with your baby. So stroller will always appear on the list of most prospective parents' baby necessities. However, so many choices on the market, how to choose the best stroller for yourself and your baby?

The first step is of course to look at the parameter description.

At this time we should pay attention to the following keywords:

1. Stroller Weight
If you are going to take the stroller in the car and take it out, it is natural to consider whether it is convenient to lift the stroller down. And if you encounter a stair on the road, can you move?

2. Folded Dimensions (The size of the cart after folding)

This is also very important, if it is too big to put into the trunk, how to bring it out?

3. Weight Capacity / Scope of application

The maximum load on the seat limits how long the stroller can last.

4. Recline (Seat tilt)

Whether it can be lie flat (flat), which is very important for baby comfort, the flat stroller can also be used to sleep on the big baby.

5. Reversible Seat

If you want to have a baby that can face your own stroller, pay attention to this feature.

6. Footrest (Generally referred to as the foot part or foot pedal)

The footrest of many stroller seats can be adjusted to make the baby sit more comfortable.

7. Car Seat Adapter

The recommended choice for newborns can be used with the infant car seat, because the baby usually falls asleep in the car seat after driving out. If the car seat can be placed directly on the stroller, you don't have to wake up the baby. So if you don't buy the whole travel system together, you should check the compatibility of the stroller and the safety seat.

8. Suspension (Suspended suspension function),

Usually a shock absorber stroller will push a little better, but of course, this is only one of the references.

9. Tires (Air filled/pneumatic, inflated)

This type of tire is the best shock absorber, usually used in sports strollers, but may have a puncture leak; foam filled / never flat (foam filled / no air leak) The tires are harder and heavier but not afraid of air leaks; in addition, depending on the size of the wheels, the larger the wheels, the better the push, but the stroller will be heavier. Generally, if you don't mention tires, it is the most unsafe wheel.

10. Canopy (Awning)

Large awning can block more ultraviolet rays, the baby is not easy to be more comfortable after sunburn, and the Pekaboo Window (seeing window) on the awning is convenient for viewing the baby's condition.

11. Basket (Storage basket)

Large storage basket is also an indispensable function for many mothers. There are always a lot of things to bring with your baby. If you have a position on the stroller, you don't have to work hard.

12. Cup Holder/Tray (Cup holder/tray)

It may be more convenient if you have a special space for your mom and dad's drinks, or for kids' snacks.

13. Quick Fold / One-Hand Fold

This function is much more convenient to use, if there is auto-lock (automatic lock after folding) is better.

Depending on the style and function of the stroller, strollers on the market are generally divided into the following categories: Traditional Stroller, Travel System, Convertible Stroller, Car Seat Carrier (Safety Seat Stroller), Umbrella/Lightweight Stroller, Jogging Stroller, All-Terrain Stroller, Double Side-by-Side Stroller Two-seat side-by-side stroller) and Tandem Stroller (front and rear strollers).

In addition to looking at the price and function parameters, the most important point is to suit yourself. Everyone's height and habits are different. The two strollers that look like the same face may actually feel the difference when they try to push. I really suggests that everyone should go to the store to find a sample before ordering the stroller. Try it out, after all, people don't necessarily like what they like, or their own feelings are the most important.


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